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Image Security

Java Applet
The image below is protected by a free Java Applet developed by Mushfiqul Alam of Cotheeka. This version has a floating red copyright symbol and it's possible to modify the size. If you are interested you can contact him about modifying the symbol by adding your name or changing colors for a small fee. There is another version that simply prevents the viewer from right clicking to download the image.

The java applet does prevent the image from being cached by the browser, and if you use the version above, there is no easy way to get a screen capture without the symbol appearing in the image.

The applet behaves nicely in both Netscape 4x and Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) 5 and 6 on the Windows platform. It performs fine in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and 6 on mac OS, but currently does not work well with Netscape 4x series. If you have a chance to test using an AOL or Apple Safari browser please drop me a line.

See this in action at:

Cotheeka Photo Agency


This page last updated: Wednesday, February, 2004